Due to COVID-19, CIOs are really paying attention to digital transformation

The roles of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) have been changing significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic.

A new Tata Consultancy Services study on CIOs finds that the biggest changes are being seen inside companies where CIOs have been leading the way in digital transformations.

The 2020 TCS Chief Information Officer Study, surveyed 1,010 IT executives in 11 industries in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands to gain their insights into the roles of CIOs in 2020 and the future within their companies. The study was conducted in May and June of 2020.

One of the most important findings in the study is that CIOs are the executives most likely to play top roles in company digital transformations. This trend especially involves the idea and strategy development for business IT systems and direction.


One place where CIOs still yield power to other executives is in determining the budgets for their digital transformations.

Some 35% of digital transformation budgets are set by CEOs, another 29% are set by CFOs, and 20% are set by leaders of production and manufacturing operations. Only about 18% of those budgets are set by CIOs, according to the report.

The report found that about 220 of the 1,010 companies represented in the study are leaders when it comes to implementing and moving forward on digital transformation initiatives, while about 219 of the respondents can be described as being followers that remain in pilot project mode or limiting progress to certain business units.

The remaining three-fifths of the respondents are somewhere in between.  

“It lets us see whether CIOs are getting more prominent or more siloed in their technology tracks.”  said Akhilesh Tiwari, the global head of enterprise application services for TCS.

 “The CIOs who are doing well as chief educators of technology within their companies, those were in the leading pack. They’re the ones who took the role of leading the consciousness about digital transformations and not just maintaining or preserving the IT states that they already had.”

 “COVID-19 forced the completion of digital transformation moves that were in process before the pandemic.” he said.

“The pandemic is taking CIOs and companies away from one- to three-year project implementation programs. Instead, it is getting needed cloud collaboration and productivity tools implemented in only a couple of weeks.”

You don’t always have to do mega-sized technology projects, but, if you can do them and implement change in small steps, you can be agile in a very short time.

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